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Lawyer Brains

A woman with a brain tumor was surprised when her doctor called her, and told her of a new, experimental brain transplant procedure. When she met with her doctor, he told her that she would require the transplant of one pound of brain. The doctor then asked, "What type of brain do you want?"

"What type?" the woman asked, "That makes a difference?"

"Yes," replied the doctor. "There is a substantial difference in price. For example, one-pound of brain from a surgeon costs $12,000, while you can get one-pound of brain from a nuclear physicist for $15,000, and so on. You will gain some of the qualities associated with the profession of the brain donor, so your choice can make a big difference."

"Can you give me one-pound of brain from a lawyer? Ever since I was a little girl I've dreamed of being a trial attorney."

"Sure. Let's see. That's $250,000," the doctor replied.

"You're kidding me! That's outrageous," the woman gasped. "That's over forty times what a surgeon's brain costs."

"Actually, it is quite reasonable," the doctor replied. "Do you have any idea how many lawyers it takes to produce a pound of brain?"

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