ExpertLaw's Collection of Lawyer Jokes

A Noble Profession

"Everybody in my family follows the medical profession. They're all lawyers."

The outlook for the New Jersey economy is so bad that the mob just laid off 3 judges.

The trouble with the legal profession is that 98% of its members give the rest a bad name.

How do you get a group of lawyers to smile for a picture?

Just say "Fees!"

Why are lawyers so good at racketball?

Because they stoop so low.

Why do lawyers get paid so much?

I'll tell you as soon as I finish billing you for the punch line.

These joke pages are intended to inspire smiles, smirks and groans. We have attempted to create a collection of quality lawyer jokes and cartoons, and hope that you find many you haven't seen before. If you hate lawyer jokes, don't read 'em - and lighten up! For the rest of you, we hope you get a good laugh.

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